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Venue Apologizes for Rapper Auntie AJ's 'Fuck White People' Onstage Rant

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Won't somebody please think about the white children?
On Tuesday, a video surfaced on Twitter of rapper Auntie AJ performing at The Haltom Theater in Haltom City, and some white people really didn't like it.

Auntie AJ was one of the opening acts for rapper Mike Jones on the Tuesday Haltom Theater show and his set included his song "Fuck White People."

The 13-second video posted on Twitter by Kristy Tortrakul @KristyTortraku1 just shows the unidentified performer chanting the chorus to a crowd both on the stage and in the audience. Tortrakul posted the video on Wednesday with a tag to FOX4 and the question, "Why don't y'all report on this. #racism."

The venue then issued a statement on Thursday apologizing for the performer's choice of words and promised a full refund to "anyone who was offended."

The following day, the Haltom Theater's managing partner Chaz Buchanan posted a response on his Facebook page identical to the one on The Haltom Theater's Facebook page apologizing for the performer (whom they did not name), who "said something evil against white people."

Buchanan said the "one individual" would not be allowed to perform at the venue and promised that refunds were given to anyone who was offended by the chant.

"I do apologize again and take full responsibility for what happens at the Haltom," Buchanan wrote. "In the future we will act faster to cut the audio if an act crosses the line."

Facebook screenshot by Danny Gallagher
The apology post sparked a wave of white-hot outrage in the comments on both Facebook pages.

"Unfortunately this is happening all across the mass media and all these woke jackasses which are a lot of people I know," wrote Joe Spector on the theater's Facebook page. "Racism is racism."

Apparently, this isn't the first time someone has tried to cut AJ's mic during this song. A copy of the "Fuck White People" track uploaded to a SoundCloud page includes a caption that reads, "This a reupload just in case the other gets taken down. Don't take this song to heart btw."