Tyler, the Creator Played a Secret Show in Dallas

Joel Olivas
Grammy-winning music giant Tyler, the Creator showed up to Deep Ellum's Trees on Wednesday for a secret concert.
Tyler, the Creator made an unofficial stop in Dallas to play a secret, exclusive show. So secret and exclusive, in fact, that only a select group of fans was invited. On Wednesday, they packed Deep Ellum venue Trees, where the rapper played songs from his new album, Call Me If You Get Lost.

On Wednesday, the artist sent out a message to members of his fan club instructing them to go to another Deep Ellum venue, Three Links, to receive their tickets. The show was set to start at 8 p.m. and was supposed to go for 90 minutes. Instead, it started at 9 p.m. and lasted for an hour.

He used this same model for a pop-up concert just last week with a show in famed Hollywood venue The Roxy. The rapper's recently announced world tour, so far, does not include any Texas dates and his four scheduled concerts in Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark have been canceled.

Fans outside of the venue said the Dallas show was "hot" and "sweaty."

“I felt like I was like going to the show like 10 years ago,” longtime fan Joel Olivas said afterward.
“This is the first time I've seen a line wrap around Trees. That was insane.”
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Tyler, the Creator fans Joel Olivas and Charles Smith II show off their exclusive merch outside of Trees.
David Fletcher

“It was super jumping,” said designer Charles Smith II. “It was open like mosh pits. Very hot.”

Another special treat for fans came from a cameo by Erykah Badu, who made an onstage appearance at the end of the show to say hi to the crowd of adoring fans.

Tyler also took the opportunity to try out new material, telling the crowd he was testing out tracks for upcoming festivals to see how the crowd reacts to certain songs. He even forgot some of the words.

The crowd didn’t mind, however, caring more about the fact that the Creator was here than the fact that he didn’t play “Yonkers.”

“That pent-up energy that everyone's had, that was released in there, ” Olivas said. “I mean, we're all sweaty, like crazy, but we don't really give a crap, like we were there to just vibe, man.”

If you weren’t there, don’t try to act like you were. Everyone who was received T-shirts to prove it.

“We got the T-shirts when we first got in,” Olivas said.

Those will go for a pretty penny on eBay.

Watch fan videos of the show below: