Four Corners Brewing Co. Wins 14 Awards for Series at the 2021 Dallas International Film Festival

Sandwich Hag featured in Four Corners Brewing Co.'s video series
Four Corners Brewing
Sandwich Hag featured in Four Corners Brewing Co.'s video series
Dallas’ Four Corners Brewing Co. dove into film with its video series Vida, Well Crafted, and came out with 14 Telly Awards at the 2021 Dallas International Film Festival.

The brewery worked with Johnathan Brownlee and Torfoot Films to produce short videos highlighting individuals’ passions, backgrounds and service to their communities.

One of these looks at a story we’ve told a few times at the Observer: the work of Sandwich Hag’s Reyna Duong. She overviews her history, passion for serving, love for her brother and excitement over the restaurant’s superb cà ri gà, while some beautiful shots show her and her kitchen at work. (Haute Sweet Patisserie’s Tida Pichakron and Jason Reed make a cameo as customers, too.)
This one video earned the group 8 awards:

Gold Telly:
  • Non-Broadcast: Directing
  • Online: Food & Beverage

Silver Telly:
  • Branded Content: Documentary
  • Online: Directing
  • Online: Documentary: Individual

Bronze Telly:
  • Branded Content: Directing
  • Branded Content: Budget Under $100,000
  • Non-Broadcast: Documentary: Individual
“Our goal with these videos was to celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds that make up much of the Texas communities, and to celebrate our differences yet collective interests in living out our passions,” Brownlee said in a press release. “Each of these individuals lives a ‘Vida, Well Crafted’ life, and it was an honor to meet each one when working on this project.”

Other profiles included Texas’ David Grover (Spinster Records), Uriel Landeros (“Conquista” multidisciplinary artist and activist) and Germán Madrazo (cross-country skier).

There’s also a video on the Rio Grande Valley’s McAllen Creative Incubator, highlighting Robert Lopez, “9 to 5 Guy,” Pedro Rodriguez, “Flacucho,” and Michael Medina, “Michael Angelo,” which is absolutely worth watching.

There is some branding throughout: The individuals tell their story while glistening cans of Four Corners beer sit on tabletops in front of them. One video overviews the brewery: its history, how it came to be and who makes it happen, from its humble beginnings in garages to the first location on Singleton Boulevard to its large home in the Cedars now.

“I want to continue to be able to partner with people I can have a beer with, that I want to have a beer with, right? And that’s who Four Corners is to me: really great people making really great beer,” Duong says in the video.

On a related note, Sandwich Hag now sells beer and cider, including Four Corners’ Local Buzz. (But also, go ahead and try one of those fruit beers.)
“Every day, we strive to be more than a company that brews craft beer and hard kombucha. We are passionate about promoting diversity, celebrating Hispanic cultures and serving our local communities,” co-founder of Four Corners Brewing Co. George Esquivel said in a statement.