Turkey Talk with Dallas Cowboys; A Look at Thanksgiving inside AT&T Stadium

This Thursday, more than 90,000 fans will pile into AT&T Stadium for the 54th annual Thanksgiving Day Cowboys game. Thousands more will set up camp in the parking lot to tailgate, some with quite lavish meals, while others will be either wrapping up an early meal at their homes or holding off to eat until after the game.

Such fuss for a football game. Or food. Either way you slice that bird, it’s what we do. What even is Thanksgiving without a Cowboys game?
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Legends Hospitality
The Legends Hospitality culinary team at AT&T Stadium were deep in prep work in the kitchens on Tuesday to get ready for Thursday's game. They sent some B-roll footage of kitchens full of culinary teams slicing, smashing and piping (guacamole into large bowls). They also announced that those in attendance will get to enjoy some additional holiday menu items. In all, they're expecting to dish out more than 11,000 pounds of turkey, 7,600 pounds of mac ‘n’ cheese, 4,150 pounds of ham. And zero turnovers.

One of the specialty items they're bringing back this year is the Thanksgiving Hand Pie (photo at top). This flaky pie crust pocket is stuffed with dressing, cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes, roasted turkey breast and giblet gravy.

Also on the menu is a Thanksgiving Bowl; it's your basic meal with turkey breast, dressing, Cowboys mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans and a drizzle of giblet gravy, served with cranberry sauce and a brioche roll.

Some of the produce you'll see on plates is inside AT&T Stadium is from the WE Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College. The HBCU campus in southern Dallas transformed their football field in a garden in 2010. Since that time the team has partnered with the school; more than 10% of the produce used at the stadium is grown at the college campus. On Tuesday morning a chef from the stadium unloaded a van full of fresh produce.

Legends Hospitality also partnered with PQC for a Plant-Based Touchdown, which is, according to their site, “a new culinary campaign focusing on the health benefits and full flavors of fresh produce.” A plant-based menu was launched in tandem with the farm at the stadium this year.