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Dan's Silverleaf Joining Forces With Other Venues to Become a Denton Music Powerhouse

A couple dances to the music of Isaac Hoskins and The Glass Mountain Orchestra at Dan’s Silverleaf.
Ed Steele
A couple dances to the music of Isaac Hoskins and The Glass Mountain Orchestra at Dan’s Silverleaf.
The owners of some of Denton's most popular music venues and bars started a partnership to build up each others' places to enhance the city's live music community.

The college town known for its live music and Austin-like quirkiness is back in full swing with a music festival inspired by a meme.

Dan's Silverleaf owner Dan Mojica and John Williams, who owns the East Social Club, Miss Angeline's and the Oak Street Draft House, also announced their new partnership on Facebook on Tuesday.
"They bring with them vast experience and impeccable credentials as businessmen and community advocates," Mojica wrote on his venue's Facebook page. "They love the Silverleft [sic]. So don't look for any jarring changes but only tweeks and refinements dispensed judiciously."

The partnership came about when Mojica's business partners Marcus Watson and Chris Hawley decided to leave the Silverleaf after 17 years together to devote more time to their other business venture.

"It's with a heavy heart, rife with sweetness, void of bitterness that I'm announcing their departure most amicably from the Silverleaf," Mojica wrote. "It is their desire to devote more time to their rapidly expanding 'day gig' Little Guys Movers. I'll miss working with them but they ain't really going anywhere. You'll be able, I'm sure, to find them out on the back deck on any given day in the event you need a Marcus or Chris fix."

Williams announced that Scott Hawthorne and Kenny Delgado will take over the day-to-day operations of the Silverleaf in Watson and Hawley's absence. Mojica will remain with his venue to help run operations and help his new partners with "learning the ropes."

"First and foremost, this is a partnership and Dan will still be around," Williams wrote in a post. "He has poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into Dan's Silverleaf over the past 25 years and we want to keep this place around forever. Dan's has contributed to providing an amazing space to listen to great music, meet new people and put smiles on the faces of eager concert goers."