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Midnight Rambler to Host Chef Misti Norris for Rainbow Cat Pop-Up Tuesday Evening

Photo Courtesy of Headington Companies, Dan Padgett
There are five items on the menu for Tuesday night's pop-up.
Chef Misti Norris loves a good pop-up. Her James Beard-nominated restaurant, Petra and the Beast, started as a pop-up. Now more than four years later it's thriving as one of the most lauded restaurants in the city.

This Tuesday Norris is hosting “a new and experimental concept she’s created" called Rainbow Cat, at Midnight Rambler. There aren't a lot of other details other than a five-item menu. 
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Midnight Rambler
Kathy Tran
You can (should) order food ahead of time, but walk-ins are also welcome. It's first come first serve, but preordering guarantees your food. The cut-off to preorder is Monday, Dec. 20, at 9 a.m.

There are seatings from 6 to 11:30 p.m. at the swank underground bar at the Joule Hotel. Use their site to choose your desired dining window. Include your phone number and they’ll contact you to reserve a table.

There are just six items on the menu: five food and one T-shirt. For the food, the unicorn dog is a garlic and mushroom scented rice buns stuffed with smoked pepper sausage, spicy shiitake mayo, hot mustard and pickles.

A porchetta “McMuffin” is made with a housemade English muffin, porchetta, braised greens, American cheese and a fried egg. There’s also pickled beets, a white bean dip and whipped milk, which is just that; whipped milk with a cinnamon crunch and sour apple.

Dallas bartender and host extraordinaire, Gabe Sanchez, will be on hand to provide cocktails.