Ted Cruz's Daughter Disses Him on TikTok: 'I Really Disagree With Most of His Views'

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's views aren't popular among some in his own family.
Gage Skidmore
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's views aren't popular among some in his own family.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would consider running for president again, but we know one person who wouldn’t vote for him: his own daughter.

Last week, Cruz appeared on The Truth Gazette, an Alabama-based conservative news service. Asked by 15-year-old host Brilyn Hollyhand whether he’d consider running for president again, Texas’ junior senator replied, “Absolutely. In a heartbeat.”

From there, Cruz described his 2016 presidential run as the “most fun” he’d ever had in his life. Although Donald Trump ultimately prevailed in the Republican primary, Cruz emphasized that he wound up placing second.

“And you know there’s a reason historically that the runner-up is almost always the next nominee,” Cruz told Hollyhand. “And that’s been true going back to Nixon or Reagan or McCain or Romney. That’s played out repeatedly; you come in with just [an] enormous base of support.”
Cruz was more popular than Trump in certain parts of the country, including in his home state of Texas. But Cruz’s policy positions don’t appear to be too popular within his own home.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, Cruz’s teenage daughter Caroline tells her followers about the pros and cons of being a senator’s kid. On the plus side, she says, she gets to travel and sometimes receives gifts and candy in the mail. Downsides include the fact that security has to shadow her wherever she goes, such as on walks through the neighborhood and to her friends’ houses.

Next, Caroline reveals another, more surprising tidbit.

“A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance,” Caroline said, “but I really disagree with most of his views.”

Dang. That diss probably stung Cruz more than the time Caroline dodged his embrace on the campaign trail.
After Caroline’s video began to make the rounds on social media, some drew parallels to Claudia Conway, the daughter of former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Over time, 17-year-old Claudia has garnered a significant TikTok following largely because of her liberal views. She’s claimed that her mother’s job “ruined [her] life,” called Trump a “rapist” and even announced she planned to pursue emancipation.

Thanks to these two teens’ apparent disdain for their parents’ conservative views, one social media user suggested that the pair start a caucus. The tweet included a screenshot of someone writing to Caroline that her dad is “awesome,” to which she responded with a less-than-enthusiastic “ok.”
Certain pop culture blogs have detailed the origin of Caroline’s newfound internet fame. According to those outlets, a TikTok video featuring a Cruz family Christmas card went viral after users remarked how miserable Caroline looks.

In one photo, Caroline stands beside her parents and her younger sister, Catherine. In the other, she and Catherine pose with their pets, Snowflake, Topsy and Marmalade. Both photos show an unhappy-looking Caroline.

Caroline also notes in the video that the Christmas card pictures had been altered so that her belly-baring crop-top fully covered her torso.
Of course, Caroline wouldn't be the first teen to get embarrassed by being photographed with their dad, but this photoshoot may have been particularly excruciating. Cruz did blame his kids for the infamous Cancun getaway trip, after all.

Still, maybe Caroline will get revenge at the ballot box.