The Rodeo Bar is Set to Reopen with "Tight Jeans and Loose Morals"

Corn dogs and a Lone Star, sounds like a near-perfect date.
Steven Visneau
Corn dogs and a Lone Star, sounds like a near-perfect date.
Remember the movie Urban Cowboy? When Bud hooked up with the polished city girl, Pam, who was looking for a "real cowboy?" Well, when Pam wasn't slumming it at Gilley's (no shade, I got people from Pasadena) she was likely at the Rodeo Bar or something scandalously similar.

The Rodeo Bar, which originally opened inside the Adolphus hotel downtown in 1981, is a quintessential Texas bar where you won't find a mechanical bull (which, frankly, both ruined and saved Bud and Sissy's marriage), but plenty of other cowboy swagger. The bar closed a couple of years ago as part of a major restoration at the 110-year old Adolphus. On Monday, Jan. 11, it's back after a full control-alt-delete reboot.
click to enlarge Neon cowboy vibe. - STEVEN VISNEAU
Neon cowboy vibe.
Steven Visneau
The website promises "tight jeans and loose morals" at this new iteration. Both the decor and offerings have been revamped; plus it expanded with a new space called The Back Room.

Rockbridge, the group that owns the property, partnered with local hospitality group Makeready and SWOON the Studio to add a mix of vintage and refurbished booths and tables and chairs to maintain the classic Texas vibe of the original spot. The original floors, which were often covered with peanut shells, were preserved for this 95-seat location.

The Back Room is festooned in "all original '80s neon beer bar lights, vintage posters, original Rodeo ephemera," according to a press release.

The menu will offer the trending smash-style burgers and includes a nod to the original bar menu, but with some updates. They're using 44 Farms' beef patties for the burgers, which include a Hook 'em topped with crispy fried onions, American cheese and barbecue sauce. The El Tejano is a smoked brisket burger with pickles, onions and jalapeƱo ranch.
click to enlarge Rodeo Bar's taco salad and fried chicken. - STEVEN VISNEAU
Rodeo Bar's taco salad and fried chicken.
Steven Visneau
There's a fried chicken sandwich, chopped beef, burnt ends sandwich, a foot-long hot dog and house-made corn dogs. There's also guacamole, green chili queso, nacho, buttermilk chicken wings. Wash that down with a Real Cold Cocktail (whisky and Dr Pepper) or a Saddle Up (tequila, grapefruit, lime and soda).

For now, Rodeo Bar is open for dinner and late-night hijinks. They plan on opening for lunch soon, so check back.

Rodeo Bar is at the corner of Commerce Street and Akard across from AT&T Discovery District. No bull riding though. No fightin' either. Unless "Devil Went Down to Georgia" comes on, then anything goes.

Rodeo Bar, 1321 Commerce St. (Downtown inside the Adolphus), 4 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sunday-Thursday, 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Check their website for lunch hours.