Culture Clash: Sandoitchi's Collides with Goldee's Barbecue for One Day Only

In a one-day-only event, the ever-popular pop-up Japanese sando shop Sandoitchi announced it's collaborating with award-winning Goldee’s Barbecue to bring a Texas twist to their usual sando menu.

Japanese sandos — small white-bread sandwiches — and Texas barbecue seem to live worlds apart. But when it’s Sandoitchi and Goldee’s working together, anything is possible.

Taking place Tuesday, April 26, at Goldee’s Barbecue, the pop-up menu is a collaborative effort highlighting Sandoitchi’s signature Japanese sandwiches infused with Texas smoking techniques from Goldee’s pitmasters. In a statement from Sandoitchi, some notable menu options include Deviled Egg Salad Sando and Smoked Shaved Ribeye Sando with smoked washugyu beef and Goldee’s barbecue sauce. There's also a sweet sandwich: Peaches and Cream Sando with Texas peaches.

Like everything at Goldee's, the event is first-come, first-serve until supplies last starting at 11 a.m. So bring a lawn chair cause you’re gonna have to get up early for this one.

If you’ve been following the trajectories of these two establishments, you may have thought the partnership was bound to happen at some point. Both opened shop around the same time and exploded in popularity around the same time frame as well. Sandoitchi’s operations manager Keith Tran said the two established a friendship through mutual respect and a passion for creating good food.
“We were making a lot of noise in DFW, and we got a message one day from Nupohn [Inthanousay] and he said, ‘Hey, I have a barbecue restaurant, we'd love to bring you out some food and feed the team.’” Tran said. “So they dropped off the food, we ate it, it was amazing. Then of course at the end of 2020 last year, they got crowned the best barbecue restaurant in Texas by Texas Monthly.”

We too have raved about Goldee’s Barbecue. The pitmasters at Goldee's are celebrating the Lao New Year, offering Lao sausage, sai oua, on Saturdays during the month of April. Nuphon told the Observer that he picked the sausage to celebrate the Lao New Year because it just made sense as a way to combine the two cultures.

“The guys at Goldee's, they're all young and hungry and passionate about what they do. Their team reminds me of our team,” Tran said. “Doing cool things with cool and creative people and pushing the food scene in DFW forward. That's really the goal at the end of the day.”

Over Easter weekend, Sandoitchi partnered with Midnight Rambler for a pop-up shop at the"Giant Eyeball" sculpture downtown.

This barbecue-sando affair will be on Tuesday, April 26. Goldee’s normally operates on the weekends only, but according to Tran, the two teams planned the event during the week to not step on the toes of their normal business.

Sandoitchi is also not working with a preorder model this go around to honor the Texas tradition of waking up early and getting in line to order. Tran says that anyone planning to come should come early and that they'll have free drinks for people in line.

“It's always exciting and fun to do something that's unexpected when you can do it with a group of people that you really enjoy being around,” Tran said. “We have a few other surprises mixed in there too, but it's really just taking two different cultures that don't seem like they would work on paper, bringing them together, and creating a really awesome menu from that.”