Tall Orders for Shortbread: Le Gourmet 10th Anniversary and Williams-Sonoma Partnership

Some Williams-Sonoma cookies are locally made.
Becky Nelson
Some Williams-Sonoma cookies are locally made.
Local baker Le Gourmet Baking in Dallas is celebrating 10 years in business and a new partnership with the high-end cooking line Williams-Sonoma. It's dedicated solely to mastering the shortbread cookie, and owner Becky Nelson is expanding the reach of her treats beyond the Dallas area through online orders with Williams-Sonoma.

“It’s the kind of cookie you can eat every day. And I do eat it every day,” said Nelson on the phone. “I literally never get tired of it.”
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Becky Nelson has been baking these shortbread cookies for 10 years now.
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Shortbread offers a richness and subtler sweetness without the sugar content of other cookie recipes that can be overbearing. Nelson likes a soft, chewy cookie that melts in the mouth, so she rolls her dough out thick for a fluffier consistency that crumbles like cake. She loves that the sturdiness of the shortbread lets her flex her flair for the artistic with her decorative skills. It’s the personalized touch to the glazes and decorations that makes Nelson’s treats special.

Founded in 2012, Le Gourmet Baking has since been featured in the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog, which helped Nelson get the notice of Williams-Sonoma. It’s a drop-ship style partnership, meaning that all the orders through the Williams-Sonoma website are still made in Nelson’s kitchen, by her hand and her recipe. She wants to maintain the authenticity and quality of her scratch-made cookies, so every customer gets the same homemade taste as if they picked them up in a store.

Nelson is excited to introduce new flavors to the menu. Soon, customers can look forward to lemon shortbreads and filled shortbreads, among others, all rooted in the recipe that has allowed her baking business to thrive for a decade.

Visit her website to grab your cookies or find them on Williams-Sonoma's site.