First Look

Mango Leaf Foodies Hub Opens in Frisco

Anisha Holla
Mango leaf kebab bowl
A new Indian-fusion restaurant in Frisco is putting just about everything in a bowl. Based on the popular fast-food chain Chipotle, Mango Leaf Foodies Hub hopes to use the same method with classic Indian comfort foods.

Mango Leaf Foodies Hub is in its soft-launch phase but hopes to hold a grand opening sometime in mid-June.

“We wanted to make sure we have the right quality of food before we open,” owner Kamalakannan Sivanandam said. His goal with this restaurant is to introduce a food concept to Dallas that’s not only unique but fully customizable as well.
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Mango Leaf Foodies Hub recently opened in Frisco on Preston Road.
Anisha Holla
The create-your-own bowl concept begins with a bed of either cumin or biryani rice. Layer that with beans: black, kidney or a mix of both. Next is a layer of curry, and customers can choose a mixed vegetable curry, butter paneer or spicy masala chickpeas.

Much like Chipotle, Mango Leaf offers additional room for creativity with a wide variety of toppings. There are some standards like baba ganoush, sour cream or salad; or foodies can venture far beyond with condiments not often found at the typical Indian food restaurants.

Finally, top your bowl off with one of Mango Leaf’s signature kebabs. They offer shrimp, chicken and paneer all marinated and grilled in spices ranging from turmeric-garlic to mint.
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Falooda (left) and jigarthanda (right)
Anisha Holla
Wash your meal down with a jigarthanda, a cold beverage native to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It's made with a vanilla ice cream and lightly sweetened with almond flavor. This popular roadside drink also comes with chewy almond gum at the bottom, which adds some extra texture.

You’ll find some equally interesting flavors in the falooda, a traditional Indian drink made with rose-flavored ice cream, swirled in with chewy basil seeds, rice noodles, dried fruits and nuts. Sip it through a wide straw or eat it with a spoon. As with everything else at Mango Leaf, the choice is yours.

Mango Leaf Foodies Hub, 5855 Preston Road , No. 100A (Frisco), 11:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Tuesday - Sunday