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Jackass Star Steve-O Spotted Trying to Skateboard at Buc-ee's

Sugar Land Police Sgt. Justin Pannell, left, took a selfie with Jackass star and stand-up comedian Steve-O, right, at a Buc-ee's location in Wharton.
Justin Pannell
Sugar Land Police Sgt. Justin Pannell, left, took a selfie with Jackass star and stand-up comedian Steve-O, right, at a Buc-ee's location in Wharton.
It seems like Jackass stuntman Steve-O (real name Stephen Glover) is always willing to entertain, no matter what kind of camera is recording him.

A video posted on Instagram on Tuesday shows the stand-up comedian performing for a small group of onlookers inside a Buc-ee's store in Wharton, located just west of Houston.

Sgt. Justin Pannell of the Sugar Land Police Department recorded the video when he spotted the Jackass star trying to pull off a stunt inside the store in full Buc-ee's attire before the management caught him in the act.

"I just walked in and heard a bunch of commotion and he had a videographer with him," Pannell says. "He was doing kick flips on his skateboard."

Steve-O was possibly trying to create footage for his YouTube channel, where he does his own reckless stunts and pranks.

"He was going to do a trick off the counter and the manager came up pretty quick and said, 'No, no, no,'" Pannell says. "Then he made like he was and he didn't. He was super respectful of the staff and him saying no."
Pannell says Steve-O took time to meet customers and staff, signing autographs and taking selfies. Then he headed out to capture more footage with other people and with the iconic Buc-ee's sign because the store's mascot is a bucktoothed beaver, which is slang for, you know.

"He's an uber-respectful and humble person," Pannell says. "He took the time to take pictures with everyone there. It's kind of cool because some people would swarm him but when he went outside and took some pictures with the beaver just doing some tricks, everybody just let him be."

Steve-O is still on the road with his Bucket List stand-up comedy and video tour, which started in February with two shows at The Factory in Deep Ellum. According to his schedule, he's working his way through Texas toward cities such as San Angelo, Wichita Falls and Amarillo. The Jackass star has been part of the stunt and prank comedy show's cast since the first episode of its three-season run on MTV — starting in 2000 with an "elephant poo dive" stunt, collected from the elephants at the flea market circus in South Florida where he worked as a clown.

Steve-O first met the show's co-creator Jeff Tremaine in the '90s. Tremaine published photos of Steve-O's famous, hair-on-fire flip trick and other reckless behavior in the pages of the punk skateboarding humor magazine Big Brother. Steve-O sent an audition tape to the show's creators Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville when he heard about the MTV production. In it, he swallowed and vomited up a live goldfish. The tape got him a spot on the show and made it into the first season.

Steve-O struggled with drug and alcohol addiction before and throughout the series and the franchise's first two hit movies, according to an interview he did with the Dallas Observer in 2016. He cleaned up in rehab where he once shared a room with Lindsay Lohan and started doing stand-up in 2005. He mentioned on Howard Stern's satellite radio show that he was trying to build a stand-up act, and offers to perform at clubs and theaters started pouring in, leading to live tours and two comedy specials.