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The Best Nerdy Events Happening in DFW This Month

May the force be with you to infinity and beyond while you live long and prosper with these nerdy events in Dallas.
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May the force be with you to infinity and beyond while you live long and prosper with these nerdy events in Dallas.
It wasn’t too long ago when being called a nerd was a put-down. But lo and behold, now everybody wants to be one. Most of us have realized by now that nerd culture comprises high tech and great works of fiction, and that being a geek often leads to Nobel Prizes and millions of dollars.

In today’s world, common folk love to claim the nerd title and wear this badge of honor proudly. They paste this label in their Bumble bios and loudly brag to friends that they’re “so nerdy” because they love Harry Potter (eyeroll) and video games. But fine, the more the merrier. So for all of you new and old nerds, here are upcoming events you can enjoy around DFW and let your brainy flag fly high.

Classical Open Mic
Every Tuesday
5815 Live Oak St., Ste. 102

Calling all band nerds (and those who were in orchestra, too) to take part in this weekly event at BuzzBrews Kitchen Lakewood location. Musicians of all levels are invited to play anything related to classical music, and a professional pianist is on standby to accompany performers if needed. Skill levels range from high school students to Dallas Symphony musicians — so don’t be shy about signing up.

Fuse Plays Dungeons & Dragons

Every Thursday
2600 N. Stemmons Freeway, Ste. 188

Need something to look forward to every week? Make new friends with DFW Fuse by joining the social club's weekly D&D sessions. This welcoming community warmly invites newcomers and well-versed adventurers alike to be a part of their weekly routine, and you can participate virtually or in person. For details, visit the group's event page.

Movie Night: 40th Anniversary of Wrath of Khan
Thursday, Sept. 8
11819 Webb Chapel Road

We can't think of anything nerdier than Star Trek, and we mean that as a compliment. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, DFW Star Trek Friends (a group you might consider joining) has put together a screening of the essential Star Trek film, so you can see the action with fellow fans who appreciate space travel more than bored billionaires looking to run far, far away from their taxes. It starts at 7 p.m. Find more info on

Social Retro Video Game Night at Peticolas Brewing Company

Friday, Sept. 9
1301 Pace St.

Anyone want to throw down on Mario Kart 64 or duel it out on the GameCube? Gamers are invited to come through to this Design District brewery and battle it out via a variety of games such as Rock Band and Jackbox trivia games. You can also join the discussion on Facebook and learn more about this community that plays games almost every night of the week. For more information about grabbing a beer and being a part of this nostalgic night, visit the Facebook event page.

Chess Club Night at Oso Climbing Gym

Wednesday, Sept. 21
1330 Conant St.

Say goodbye to the old gym life where you treadmill for 30 minutes silently and then just go home. What people want now is a community, a place to make friends and connect outside of exercise. And that’s where this Design District gym comes in. Oso is more than just a climbing facility: It has fitness classes, weight rooms, community events and more. The gym's chess night invites everyone to come and discover the classic game or compete against other well-seasoned players. If you don’t have a membership, you can purchase a day-pass to participate.