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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Slammed Over Philly Eagles Tweet: 'Vote This Man Out!'

Dallas Cowboys fans were pissed.
"AT&T Stadium Panorama" by ajroder is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Dallas Cowboys fans were pissed.
Freshly salty from last week’s Cowboys' playoff loss, some social media users are big-mad at Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson.

In a tweet on Sunday evening, Big D’s head rep appeared to praise one of the Boys’ all-time top rivals.

“The Eagles truly belong to the City of Philadelphia and vice versa. And that’s pretty damn cool,” Johnson tweeted, along with CNN video footage showing Eagles fans rejoicing over their team’s advancement to the Super Bowl. “The City of Dallas deserves to know what this kind of mutual love feels like.”

The Eagles crushed the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 on Sunday, prompting exuberant celebrations in Philadelphia and beyond. The win stands in stark contrast to the Cowboys, who recently had their own Super Bowl dreams squashed despite having been dubbed “overwhelming” favorites — at least by some people.

To say that Johnson’s post didn’t sit well with some would be putting it mildly.

“Vote this man out! F*** the birds! The city of Philly can rot in hell!” one fiery Cowboys defender wrote in response.

Some Philly fans thanked Johnson for respecting the Eagles (not those Eagles). Other social media users challenged Johnson’s tweet, including by pointing out that although "Dallas" is in the Cowboys' name, the team’s home games are in Arlington.

“Seems like someone is the mayor of the wrong city [three thinking face emojis],” one Cowboys fan replied.
“Fortunately, the Cowboys play in Tarrant County and train in Collin County, so …,” Metro Sports DFW owner Chuck Kelly said.

Still, certain folks seemed to question why Johnson was entering the debate in the first place, with one person asking: “Do you even mayor?”

Johnson attempted to clear up his stance in a defensive follow-up tweet on Sunday night. He rhetorically asked why people thought the answer to the city’s “lack of pro football is the Dallas Cowboys,” adding that as far as he’s concerned, America’s Team can stay put.

But some North Texans wanted the mayor to redirect his focus.

“Bro, just fix the potholes,” one person shot back. “I just had to replace two of my tires and I’m out $750! @DiscountTire on Inwood did a great job though.”
Never one to leave a hole to dig itself, Johnson again tried to clarify the thread, writing on Monday morning: “This tweet, which doesn’t even mention the Dallas Cowboys, has proven itself to be quite the Rorschach test.”

True enough. So anyway, about those potholes …