The Lemonheads

Once upon a time, Evan Dando was the fresh-faced savior of indie-rock. And boy, oh, boy did the girls find the Lemonheads front man dreamy. That whole idea would've been utterly sickening—no boy bands in indie rock, please—had the fellas not embraced his act's tunes, too, nodding along at the songs as the girls they brought to Lemonheads shows swooned to daydreams of Dando.

Some 10 years later, though, Dando is back on the touring circuit, certainly hoping to have the nostalgic embrace the chance to relive the '90s. Except this ain't no standard reunion show fare—something the Lemonheads threw together to make a quick buck. No, the Lemonheads are still producing—and, better yet, still producing quite well. 2006's self-titled release from the band was actually good and not just another record to be had in your complete Lemonheads collection. Tough to say how the show will go—Dando's got a reputation for being hit-and-miss live—but you have to respect a band that keeps on trucking because it can, and not just because its members want to.