NOFX, No Use for a Name, Flatliners

Oh, nostalgia. A good decade or so after both NOFX and No Use for a Name's heyday, the Fat Wreck Records label mates are still ticking, still touring and still making mall punk music with lewd, punny song titles. Just last year, NOFX released a new live CD, They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!, and No Use for a Name released a greatest hits record, All the Best Songs. Word even has it that No Use for a Name just recently wrapped up recording its next effort (no word yet on its release date).

Live, you'll probably encounter the predictably "crazy" antics—although in a smaller dose as NOFX's members are starting to push 40—and you'll most definitely hear about life not being so awesome all the time. But that's what you should expect from this type of music by now (although NOFX is getting more and more political with age). No one's gonna confuse this show with Radiohead's upcoming Starplex show in May, but attending it could remind you of a time in which you held simpler music like this in even higher esteem.