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Gone Too Soon

No relevance: I'm not sure I understand the relevance of this issue and how it really relates to Carter Albrecht or Darin Archer ("Better to Rust," by Jonanna Widner, October 4).

By saying that Carter was not an addict or an "asshole" (again, relevance?) and yet lump him in with Sid Vicious somehow doesn't feel like the appropriate message to convey right now when his friends and family are still in complete shock about the situation in general. Or how, may I ask, can anything positive possibly come from the comparison to how Bowie figured it out and lived and Carter and Darin did not and died? I ask you, what is that all about? I know this isn't a consolation piece, and how the myth of Sid, the rock 'n' roll lifestyle can be destructive, but maybe a little more investigative digging from his peers/friends could have been helpful while writing, or maybe choosing to not write this article. Oh, and one more thing, Carter could play any instrument, was basically a virtuoso; Sid wasn't even plugged in for half the shows he played. You figure it out.

Jeff Ryan

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Best chess: Kudos to you guys for recognizing the fact that not only does UTD exist but that the chess team is kicking ass and taking names internationally in your Best of Dallas 2007 (September 27). UTD gets a blah rep for being just a commuter school, but what people don't realize is that 10 years from now, that school is going to be making history and well on its way to being bigger than UT-Austin. So, thanks again for helping us UTD kids feel like we have a place in Dallas...even though our campus is in Richardson.

Cristy Pena

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City Hall Corruption

Race card: Have you maybe considered that this was not racially based, and that it was more about the business transaction ("Same Sick Story," by Jim Schutze, October 4)? I am not white or black and am tired of people focusing so closely on the race aspect of situations that other factors are ignored. That's not to say that race is not a valid factor in a lot of reporting, crime or situations that may occur, but that it is not the only factor. If it was, then anyone who is brown, yellow, purple or green apparently does not wind up having any problems ever, because they don't really get mentioned, especially not in your theories.


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Honest liberal: I'm actually in Brazil, wonders of the 'Net! Powerful and heartfelt commentary, Jim. I think you walked right through the land mines very well and spoke your heart. I totally agree, giving up political correctness for my 59th birthday. It made being a liberal a lot more honest for me. My brand-new grandson is American/Brazilian and so of course is racially mixed and beautiful!! I want an honest and loving world for him too.

Barbara Blanton

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Trinity connection: It is interesting that the only two elected officials that I know who have supported the Yes Trinity vote of Angela Hunt are Don Hill and Terri Hodge—two of whom are on the front page for all the wrong reasons. Maybe Angela's lap dog (Jim Schutze) should look into this.

Tom Brown

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On target: Jim, nobody will ever accuse you of tiptoeing. Does the Dallas Observer have an extra-large mailbox reserved for you, because I think you are going to hear about it after this one. Good, honest analysis!


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Devil in the Details

Ruined lives: When the order taker at McDonald's messes up your order, the worst that can happen is that you maybe get a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger ("A Devil's Deal in Dallas Court," by Glenna Whitley, September 27). When the power company loses your check for last month's power bill, the worst that can happen is that they cut off your electricity and you are inconvenienced until you get it back on. When the IRS messes up your tax return, the worst that can happen is owing a bunch of money that you don't have. When the people of law enforcement and jurisprudence mess up your case, the worst that can happen is that you END UP IN PRISON, FORFEIT YOUR FREEDOM AND GET GANG-RAPED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! How the hell can you be so damned cavalier about the screw-ups by Dallas police and Dallas prosecutors? I could understand if it were honest mistakes, but when it is a result of cops and prosecutors circumventing the law or just being plain lazy, they should be prosecuted themselves, sent to prison and made to pay restitution to the innocent people they locked up. We are not talking about burgers and fries here...these are people's lives RUINED!

Larry Owens

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Lineups a joke: My daughter was asked to look at a photo lineup by DPD.

She laughed when she came out. "It wasn't very hard. All but one of them was old and crumpled. Only one was new."

Al Hastings

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