Erin Go Blah

Blimey, lads, St. Patrick's Day is upon us again—that one time of year when making fun of our Irish friends is perfectly acceptable (like using condescending terms such as "blimey"). We thought it would be more interesting to let the Irish do it to themselves, particularly U2, but, well, they didn't return our calls. The next best thing? A bunch of Irish-American bands.

Favorite Irish-American stereotype?

"The guy down at the L Street Tavern with his 'Southie Tuxedo'(full tracksuit) and Kangol scally cap. He's a friggin' riot!" —Matthew Kelly, Dropkick Murphys

Favorite beer to abuse on St. Patrick's Day?

"It would have to be Guinness, of course, but you have to be lucky. Not all pints are created equal, and there are many dodgy establishments serving crap." —Keith Roberts, The Young Dubliners

"Kirin Ichiban!" —Matthew Kelly, Dropkick Murphys

"'My dear man,' as Oscar [Wilde] might have said, 'one does not abuse what one loves. One merely indulges.'" —Larry Kirwan, Black 47

Favorite St. Patrick's Day memory?

"Not sure. I usually black out about halfway through the day." —Matthew Kelly, Dropkick Murphys

"If you have any, then it must not have been that good. The day after Paddy's Day is usually spent calling friends and family to apologize for whatever you did last night and then asking them, 'What did I do?'" —Keith Roberts, The Young Dubliners

"The MC at a graveyard gig on Christopher Street forgetting the name of my band, and instead yelling into the microphone, 'Irish cock tonight!'" —Larry Kirwan, Black 47

Is James Joyce everything he's cracked up to be?

"Absolutely. 'The sacred pint alone could unbind the tongue of Dedalus' from The Dubliners. 'Nuff said."

—Matthew Kelly, Dropkick Murphys

"And more, but he'll never be on American Idol, so who gives a damn!" —Larry Kirwan, Black 47

"Try reading Ulysses and make up your own mind. Most never finish but say how wonderful it is. He has created a lot of liars. Quite the achievement." —Keith Roberts, The Young Dubliners

"Can't understand a word he wrote." —Steve Twigger, Gaelic Storm

Bono: Name him a saint, or ban him from opening his mouth except while onstage?

"Saint...although I wish he would get caught with some hookers and blow once in a while, just so we know he's human." —Steve Twigger, Gaelic Storm

Was being an altar boy as dangerous as it sounds these days while you were growing up?

"Well, put it this way, we thought that "no" meant "yes" up till high school. Ouch!" —Matthew Kelly, Dropkick Murphys

"Not for me, at least. But I was mostly on the wedding and funeral circuit." —Bob Schmidt, Flogging Molly

"Do I get a 'special' treat if I tell you?" —Steve Twigger, Gaelic Storm