Hogpig CD release party

There's a reason why radio stations still play classic rock, why Led Zep riffs still send fists pumping through the air, why a chunky 4/4 bass drum beat still resonates through the chest like no other: The shit is good. Sure, you make fun of mullet meatheads and music from 30 years ago, but deep down, in those secret places you don't talk about with anyone, your primal nature is touched by a good, hard rock song. What's brilliant about Hogpig is that they admit it; in fact, they celebrate it, with a searing skillet full of AC/DC-esque riffs and smart, thickly slathered rock. Celebrate their newest, Hold Back the Curse, here in Big D or up in Denton, and ask not for whom the cowbell tolls—it tolls for you.