Jerry Lee Lewis

At 72, nobody still fucks with the Killer. On his recent effort, Last Man Standing, Jerry Lee Lewis goes toe to toe with, among others, Jagger, Richards, Springsteen, Fogerty, Robbie Robertson and Neil Young and comes out as undeniably brilliant and pissed off as ever. The new disc is a rehash of sorts, a good time had by all collaboration that works only because Lewis couldn't give a shit whether anyone else liked it or not. He's outlasted all of his contemporaries except Little Richard and only blues giants B.B. King and Buddy Guy (also featured on Last Man) can claim close to as many skins on the wall. Lewis' piano playing is still as skillful as ever and while his vocal chops may have become weathered, his biting humor rarely fails him. Expect as much country as rock and roll oldies in concert as Lewis found a friend (and career resurrection) in hard-core honky-tonk. But whatever genre Lewis chooses to perform, look forward to him doing so as only he can.