David Vandervelde

While recording his debut record, Chicagoan David Vandervelde spent two years holed up as an apprentice at Pieholden Studio, the Chicago recording space owned by former Wilco axeman Jay Bennett. Under Bennett's tutelage, Vandervelde produced and played nearly every instrument on the resulting album, The Moonstation House Band, a catchy collection of breezy, T. Rex-indebted rock complete with string arrangements by Beck's dad. And while the album's grand production may evoke the indulgent orchestral streak of '70s rockers such as ELO and Bowie, in concert Vandervelde and Co. strip away the studio sheen in favor of four-piece grit, even treating audiences to a raw and howling cover of the Stones' "Cocksucker Blues." Throw in the Harry Nilsson-inspired piano pop of headliner Richard Swift and you've got plenty of reasons to head to Denton Wednesday night. (If you're stuck in Dallas, however, make sure to stop by Good Records, where Vandervelde plays an acoustic set at 6 p.m.)