New Music Tuesday

In this week's main music feature, Andrea Grimes takes a hard look at the changing face of local booking agents, but what good is the feminine shift without an interesting show to prove its worth? Fortunately, this week's iteration of Callithump Productions' New Music Tuesday is a good example of what Grimes touts; the three acts Carlin Stultz hand-picked for the bill are as promising a set of unknown up-and-comers as you can expect at a mid-week gig. Denton's Albatross headlines; their brand of alt-country, reflective of the earliest days of Whiskeytown, doesn't yet reinvent the wheel but at least is intense enough to hint at future growth. To round out the schedule, Second Story Man from Louisville, Kentucky, plays a bubbly brand of indie rock that sounds like a math-rock twist on Zumpano, and Slider Pines proves its Dallas country-rock heritage with a half-full whiskey-glass hybrid of the Old 97's and Slobberbone.