Stumptone, The Harpeth Trace, Shiny Around the Edges

Chris Plavidal's Stumptone has been tearing genres apart since 1996 in the wake of his old bands MK Ultra and Lid, who wrote page one in the sacred book of Dallas/Denton cosmic rock. Stumptone's M.O. is Plavidal's acoustic psychedelic folk, embellished by ethereal atmospherics, gradually morphing into exhilarating drone-rock jams and accented by the songwriter's own pedal-effected trumpet. After years in hiding, the group has emerged with an apparent sequel to its 1999 full-length in the pipeline. L.A.'s the Harpeth Trace joins with their dark-chocolate songcraft, often veering into that psych-folk territory as well. Denton's gripping Shiny Around the Edges rounds out a whale of a bill at the relatively new Metrognome Collective art space in Fort Worth. But for Siddharta's sake, do not attempt to find the place without directions from (click "About Us" at the very top).