Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Jesus and Mary Chain disbanded roundabout 1999. Spacemen 3? 1991. But there's no need to mourn acerbically romantic rock of the mid-'80s and '90s--after all, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club still dishes it out. The band's self-titled debut wasn't shabby for a dinner consisting of leftovers, and 2003's Take Them On, On Your Own was also acceptable, accessible and rehashed. But last year, the mimics ventured into a new realm of roots, soul and Americana with Howl. Recent fan accounts on their Web site indicate that onstage, BRMC offer a balance between their former cloud sounds and newfound twang; they're amping up the roots, offering new songs and getting poignant while still catering to old-school die-hards. But even if they suddenly abandon the menu Wednesday, BRMC will undoubtedly please kids still clueless about their predecessors. Elefant and Morning After Girls open.