Maria Taylor, Statistics, Zykos

Joining two members of Saddle Creek Records' Greater Omaha roster on Thursday is an up-and-comer who may one day trump them all. Zykos' ass-kicking arrangements sway between dissonance and melodic embellishment, and Austin's Michael Booher fronts the group with a powerful, nasal voice of the Michael Stipe/Conor Oberst type and the requisite boyish grin to boot. Following them is the lush synth-rock of Statistics, who have finally broken free of Desaparecidos' emocore shadow on new album Often Lie, and Athens, Georgia, siren Maria Taylor headlines with her fragile, angelic voice. Her solo debut, 11:11, delivers everything a fan of her band, Azure Ray, could possibly want, wavering between gossamer and homespun; American without Americana.