Irrelevant? Us?

A quick note to those of you who think the media conspire to wield undue influence on politics: You can stop now.

As apparent from the past weekend's butt-beating of the strong-mayor proposal--supported by The Dallas Morning News, us and other media folk--we couldn't influence our way to an order of fries at McDonald's.

In Buzz's defense, we at least can honestly say we weren't surprised at the outcome. We can produce witnesses who will attest that in the week before the election, we predicted it would fail based solely on the fact that editorialists so strongly favored it. Voters, God love 'em, have an uncanny knack for doing the opposite of what we wise heads tell them to do.

Finally, on behalf of the Dallas Observer's Jim Schutze, Buzz has been asked to relay the following message: Way to go, Dallas! You got the deeply satirical message hidden in his columns that less savvy readers may have foolishly thought endorsed the proposal. Schutze's columns--including "Fifteen Stooges," "The Juice," "Take It or Leave It" and "Vote for Strong Mayor or I'll Shoot Your Dog"--were ironic, he says. You gotta believe the man. He's in the media.

Luckily, we'll get a chance to get it all wrong again, since the city council has promised that they'll give voters a strong-mayor alternative in November, and they never lie.

Robert Utley III has sent a letter to Franklyn Jenifer, president of UT-Dallas, apologizing for a quote attributed to Utley in our April 28 cover story, "The Dorm From Hell," about atrocious living conditions at UTD's Waterview Park dorms. In the story, Utley, chairman of FirstWorthing, the company that developed the apartment complex and manages it for UTD, blamed part of the dorms' woes on the culinary habits of foreign students. "Because a lot of the foreign students cook fish and curry, it's embedded in the walls," Utley told the SMU reporting class that produced the article.

"I deeply and sincerely apologize for any comments or quotes attributed to me in [the] article. The comments included in the article are not a correct reflection of the discussion between the SMU journalism class, the assistant professor and me."

Note that he doesn't deny saying it, which was wise, since the class taped the interview. Give them an A+.