Mur, The Hourly Radio, Chris Holt, The Undoing of David Wright

They say in order to truly appreciate something, you have to let it go. That may be the case for lush, charismatic pop-rockers Mur, who left Big D last year for the temperate climes of Southern California. Each time they visit, they put together a show that is bigger and more exciting than the last time, building some of the city's best local bills. This time they've brought along '80s revivalists The Hourly Radio, nominees for the Dallas Observer Music Awards Best New Act, as well as Musician of the Year Chris Holt, who should woo the crowd with catchy, bittersweet melodies from his upcoming Summer Reverb. (And if he's taking requests, please ask for "Eye of the Tiger.") Two weeks ago, an angry letter writer proclaimed Denton darlings The Undoing of David Wright the best new band in Dallas. Don't take his word for it--check them out for yourself.