The title of Eniac's final album, All That's Left of Us, meant something different in 2002. Back then, the name was just a snippet of lyrics in "Skeleton Crew," a declarative emo song about missing an ex. But three years later, the title seems strangely prophetic, as this album is the only thing left of the Denton band, which broke up after Left was indefinitely shelved. Appropriately, Left is a remnant of the emo wave that rushed American pop culture a few years ago, culling the best (and worst) of bands like The Promise Ring, Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World in a well-polished, me-too emo record. Lyrics consist of self-centered diary entries that bemoan an ex without paying her any emotional due, and rhymes are as deep as "pick up the phone" and "the dial tone." "In Separate Rooms" stands out with a slower tempo, pretty melodies and a nice piano part, but otherwise, this release, full of done-to-death guitar riffs, is strictly for fans who went to Eniac concerts in 2002 and knew these songs by heart before they finally came out on CD.