Cex, Aloha, Weather

Here's a family affair for indie rockers looking for proof that "settling down" doesn't necessarily equal a creative death. Cex is Rjyan Kidwell, a young, smart guy who has played satirical glitch-techno, earnest emo-glitch, wry art-techno, menacing goth-rock and whatever he'll give you tonight. He recently married Roby Newton, formerly of the Chicago doom-math outfit Milemarker; tonight she'll play in Cex's band, along with Cale Parks, who's also a member of emo experimentalists Joan of Arc and meticulous fusioneers Aloha, whose new Here Comes Everyone doesn't always buckle under the weight of 10 zillion 16th notes. Weather is a new band featuring Newton and another human who may or may not be related to someone else.