Hard-Core Honky-Tonk New Year´s Eve

Here's a New Year's shindig suitable for the whole family--Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr. and Hank III, that is. Speedtrucker, Slick 57, The Dogkickers and Spector 45 have it all covered: Senior's honky-tonk roots, Junior's outlaw spirit and The Third's punk-rock rearing. Expect the soul and twang of country with the rush and angst of punk, drawling and pounding through songs of heartbreak, fast cars, falling in and outta love and drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Speedtrucker is the epitome of hard-core honky tonk, combining hard rock with a love of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, and Slick 57 make purdy (though no less rocking) melodies about heartbreak and boredom. Spector 45's teenaged greaser punks kick-start the night, which will surely get your boots--or your Chuck Taylors--scootin'.