Odds & Ends

If you haven't been watching The Battle for Ozzfest--and unless your Monday night is as lame as mine, I assume you haven't been--here's an update: We're seven episodes into the season, and Dallas' Marc Serrano of A Dozen Furies is still going strong. The good news is that of the show's eight contestants, Serrano may be the most appealing. He's kind, hardworking and honest; meanwhile, some of the other bozos deserve nothing short of a slipknot to the crotch. Two weeks ago, Serrano was such a good sport he introduced Lamb of God to an Ozzfest audience wearing nothing but a tiny leather bikini and endured the band's razzing with aplomb. The bad news is that the show has failed to generate much excitement. Not enough happens, and there's little drama aside from annoying cast members, who should have been kicked off the show weeks ago. Never content to milk a trend when they could suck it bone-dry, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have stretched the season across too many episodes with little to entice viewers from one week to the next. Somebody call Mark Cuban--now here's a reality show he could actually trump.

A Dozen Furies will play the Ridglea Theater on Saturday, December 18, for a show that may--or may not!--be filmed by MTV.

On Friday, Sara Radle & Her Band will play a benefit at the Barley House for the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon. On previous occasions, And Another Thing has sounded off on the terrifying future facing young girls who cannot properly play a guitar. Well, that's a little strong--but hey, it's more fun than ballet and way cooler than cotillion. A portion of the bar tab will go to the organization, so drink up: It's for a good cause.

A piece of useless trivia to enliven any holiday party: "Hey, what's the most commonly performed modern Christmas song, according to ASCAP?" (These songs do not include such public-domain ditties as "Silent Night," but I suggest not explaining that because it takes too much time and it makes the question that much harder.) Give up? It's "The Christmas Song" aka "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire," followed in second place by "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." A follow-up, if you really want to get the party hoppin': The most recorded Christmas song is "White Christmas." Sadly, the Wham hit "Last Christmas" has not entered these charts, so you know what that means: Get singing, George Michael.

Those boys in The Feds stay plenty busy. Last Sunday, they played a last-minute show for a talent scout at the Curtain Club. On Monday, December 13, they'll play the Key Club in Hollywood along with three other bands, chosen from 4,000, for an audience to include Warped Tour staff and sponsors as well as record scouts. Then on Sunday, December 19, The Feds play an all-ages show at the Plano Centre with Bowling for Soup, The Vanished and Greatness in Tragedy. And Another Thing is no legal expert, but we find The Feds guilty--guilty of rocking in the first degree. (A promise, from me to you, that I will never use such a stupid pun again. But come on--it's the holidays.)

The rock-rap band One Up, featuring former members of Hellafied Funk Crew and Tek 3, has been chosen by Armed Forces Entertainment to tour South Asia (including Guam, Korea and Singapore) from December 12 to January 1. The band has recently finished up its first album, which will be produced by Carlos Broady (nominated for a Grammy for his work on Indie.Arie's Acoustic Soul). Have fun, boys. Tell 'em Dallas says hi.