The Exploited

At this late date in the Exploited's punk rock career, you might expect to find the group in line for the dole, belching and chuckling. Could they possibly have anything to say to the latest generation of Mohawked and pierced punkers? Well, probably no. But it turns out these middle-aged, flabby, bald-headed bastards still have plenty of bite. Their 2003 record Fuck the System rips from the opening howl of the title track until its closing screech (despite having the most generic of punk rock album titles). It manages to be violent and catchy, while the lyrics are simplistic and blunt. Fury is the key ingredient to hardcore, and screamer Wattie Buchan does not lack for it. The Exploited fires off blistering rounds of shrapnel-like punk noise annihilating those pesky new-school punk whippersnappers.