Oh, Shut Up

In a rare fit of civic-mindedness, Buzz voted this election, for the first time in eight years, but only because everyone else seemed to be doing it. Yet we craved more motivation than what was provided by the stiffs at the top of the tickets. If only we lived in Arlington, where we would have voted for the Cowboys' stadium deal for no other reason than to forestall the chance that that turkey might somehow wend its way back to Dallas. We're stupid that way. Don't know what we mean? Check out this comment from former Pokes QB Troy Aikman in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "I thought it should have at least gone to a vote in Dallas," Aikman said. "Hopefully, it gets passed and it gets built in Arlington, but I do feel that Dallas screwed up a golden opportunity."

It's the damndest thing, but when we ran Aikman's name through the Dallas Central Appraisal District, we couldn't locate him in the city. Found a Troy Aikman who recently bought a $2.3 million home in Highland Park, but surely no rich guy who lives in Highland Park would have the gall to tell Dallas that it was wrong not to give another HP rich guy (Jerry Jones) a boatload of our money. That never happens.