Limp Biscuit


It pains every last journalistic bone in our cynicism-addled body to admit it, but Pillsbury's publicity plan for hyping its new Perfect Portions Refrigerated Biscuit was just about the neatest, most skeptic-proof notion we had encountered in a long time. Because Perfect Portions biscuits are baked two at a time, Pillsbury had asked Dallas couples to describe in 50 words why they're the perfect pair to compete in a two-day scavenger hunt known as the Biscuit Chase whose winners would have received $10,000 (and a matching charitable donation). But not enough people signed up, which leaves us free to maintain our squinty worldview and our shawl wrapped tightly about us (Mabel, bring the hot water bottle!). Not deterred by the poor showing, Pillsbury is bringing country music singer Josh Turner to perform at Pegasus Plaza at noon on Friday. Local charities will benefit from the event, which Pillsbury is calling the Biscuit Jam, by receiving a cash bonus for every person who attends the concert. --Claiborne Smith

Go to Bed

Some people, to raise money for charities, join a 5K run; some sell candy bars. Some others put on their pajamas and bike helmets, go to the West End, position themselves at each corner of a bed with wheels and race it down the street while in hot pursuit by other pajama-clad people. The Sixth Annual Sandman Bed Race, which benefits the National Marrow Donor Program, requires teams of five (the fifth participant stands atop the bed, exhorting the bed-pushers to victory) to silly themselves up for the good cause of providing funds to patients with fatal blood diseases. Teams can bring their own beds or use those provided at the race. The Bed Race takes place Saturday; registration begins at noon at Market and Munger Streets. Call 214-351-8150. --Claiborne Smith