A One-Two Punch

Doing the marathon of Dallas and Fort Worth's seasonal gallery events is like eating at a buffet restaurant. You scoop up a smidgen, walk a bit, spoon over some more, round the corner, grab something else. But we have some advice: Just because it's a buffet doesn't mean you can't order off the menu if you know something is gonna be good. Or, hit the buffet this week and go back for your favorite dish some other night. Just don't stop yourself from getting your fill of the kung pao chicken just because the moo shoo pork is also within reach.

There are many choices during the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association's Spring Gallery Night with more than 40 galleries, museums, universities, restaurants and shops offering special events and exhibits Saturday afternoon and evening across Fort Worth and Arlington. But here's one we think you'll need a second helping of: photographer Kathy Suder's exhibit Knock Out + Paris Suite: Two Bodies of Work on display at William Campbell Contemporary Art. The painter-turned-photographer uses her eye, trained to compose scenes for canvas, for framing shots as real life happens in front of her lens. The results include a study of boxing through action shots in the ring, a series about Paris that looks for the real city behind the romantic stereotype and "in the moment" portraits that lack the stuffy posing of most portraits. All of this falls into Suder's theme of "people, from all walks of life, simply doing what they do and being who they are." It's so simple, yet very well done. And definitely worth a second taste.