Doggy Style

We've asked ourselves the question so many times: "What is the greatest thing about exotic dancers?" Is it their swanlike balance on 8-inch platform Lucite shoes? Their genius idea to transform a steel pole into a naked jungle gym? What about their uncanny ability to make one tassel go this way and the other tassel go that way? Though those are fine accomplishments unto themselves, the greatest thing about exotic dancers is their fervent love for all God's creatures. So when Operation Kindness came a-calling, who better to answer than the ladies of The Lodge?

The Lodge is sponsoring its first Dog Days of Summer Car Wash, a fund-raiser benefiting Operation Kindness, the largest no-kill shelter in North Texas. All proceeds will go toward aiding Operation Kindness' 200 dogs and cats and also help provide foster care for up to 100 more.

But the animals won't be the only ones getting a good scratch behind the ears. With your generous purchase of a full-service car wash, you'll also be given a no-cover pass into the club and a 10-ounce steak dinner once inside. The usual entertainment will be provided, as will televised coverage of the weekend's big boxing match.

Also at Saturday's event will be Rocky, the poster pooch for the Dog Days of Summer Car Wash and, in our humble opinion, one of the cutest four-legged friends around. His furry face will grace T-shirts sold at The Lodge, each penny of which goes into the paws of Operation Kindness and the many mammals. Your pets will be welcome to come along, too, but remember: no humping. We all know what got us in this overpopulated mess in the first place, don't we?

Man's best friend, big hunk of meat, scantily clad women with sponges and unsteady buckets of water. What guy wouldn't be in heaven? For a mere 20 bucks and 10 extra cents, you'll be treated to a freshly washed car, the satisfaction of knowing you helped out some innocent pups and pussies, a free meal with all the fixings and...oh my, they're covered in suds.