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Hot? Not

Rob Schneider's latest look-at-me-I'm-so-cute comedy features the star bumbling around half-clad in Christina Aguilera's Goodwill donations. He plays a revolting petty thief who magically swaps bodies with a petulant high school cheerleader (Rachel McAdams), sparking roughly a bazillion gags about how funny it is to have a penis. To counterbalance, there's exactly one fizzling gag about having to use tampons, but who knows--maybe first-time director Tom Brady (who co-scripted both this and The Animal with Schneider) is saving that laff-riot for the sequel. Zany little Schneider has a way with the gestures and 'tude of ignorant teendom, but his apparent loathing of "girl-isms" overshadows the humor, transforming the rather unfunny movie into a public therapy session. A mind of overcooked pasta and a stomach of iron may get you through it, but it really is worth considering how desperately you need cheap chuckles while executive producer Adam Sandler and his favorite charity case laugh all the way to the bank.