What Is It About the Osborns?

How incredible it is to feel like you're really there. Away from the consumers, the McDonald's, the lattes...face to face with enormous stone constructions and things as delicate as blades of grass, as gritty as roof shingles. What's more amazing is that this art is breathtaking on its own, not to mention the sheer beauty of the scenery captured in the photographs.

"David J. Osborn makes digital LightJet prints." This is what the AfterImage Photograph Gallery explains in the information concerning its current exhibit, David J. Osborn: Panoramic Views of the United Kingdom. They also mention the sharpness and ease in his ability to enlarge the prints without sacrificing clarity. These are understatements. Osborn's images are involving, ethereal, haunting and incredibly detailed renderings of the United Kingdom. Rarely can an observer immediately feel the artist's appreciation for his subject, but when you take one look at a panoramic of one of his Scottish castles, for instance, the homage has been developed right along with the negatives.

Osborn shoots black-and-white film but prints it onto color photographic paper. The result adds to the dreamlike quality of his historical photos. It's a tribute, the presentation of the grandeur of the landscapes through color and computer, employing available tools. Osborn's work is art showcasing the art of the earth itself and people long gone.