If you've got a taste for long-running rock-and-roll bands, you can wait till the Rolling Stones make their way to San Antonio in November to get your rocks off this autumn. But you might do just as well heading to the Ridglea Theater on Saturday night and watching Luna, New York City's most consistent guitar band--the cover's $12, drinks will be available for less than a week's wage and the band just might break out the glittering version of "Waiting on a Friend" that graces its new seven-song mini-LP, Close Cover Before Striking. You'll undoubtedly get more for your money if you'd like the band onstage to play music that reflects its members' lives: Front man Dean Wareham has evolved into a seasoned rock poet of the Bryan Ferry school, effortlessly unspooling little stories of big-city love and loss awash in a sea of gauzy guitar foam he basically invented back in his days leading dreamy Boston slowpokes Galaxie 500 (well, invented from a blueprint by Lou Reed, anyway). Last April's Romantica, Luna's sixth proper studio album, even rhymed "Singapore noodles" with "oodles and oodles," clearly the sign of a rocker aging with class. Go spend the night together.