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The point of previews like this, if there is one, is to give readers a chance to become listeners, maybe convince someone to go to a show they hadn't considered, or warn them away from one, perhaps. That's what they tell me, anyway: I always thought they were for taking easy shots at easier targets, and well, making shit up, a few hundred words to make myself (and maybe my editor) laugh. But in the case of Weezer, there is no need to try to persuade people to show up at Deep Ellum Live on September 12, because after all, the show sold out in four freakin' minutes. So I won't. I want to see Weezer more than just about anyone, but I can't in good conscience give some poor bastard another reason to shell out $200-$300 on a pair of tickets, when everyone knows they'll be back in town in a few months. OK, I can: Yes, they are playing new songs, four of 'em from what I hear. And yes, this is the first time they've played in Dallas since a December 1996 show at Deep Ellum Live with Ash, if you don't count Weener shows. But that's no reason to fork over three bills to bottom-feeding scalpers, the guys that made Ticketmaster's two-ticket limit look like a bigger joke than Autumn in New York. (Richard Gere and Winona Ryder as lovers? Not bloody likely.) Oh, you thought it was all of the band's fans that caused the show to sell out that fast? Well, I guess that would explain the stack of tickets on eBay less than half an hour after they went on sale. You know, all of those fans who wouldn't dream of giving up their tickets...for less than $200 a pop, at least.