Petty larceny

Todd Deatherage is a sport. No matter what you think of the former Calways frontman, you have to give him that much. Well, maybe you don't. But we definitely do. Why? Because Deatherage stood in the hall of the Dallas Observer offices for 10 minutes on Friday afternoon, while Robert Wilonsky stood in front of him with a digital camera in one hand and a picture of 'N Sync in the other.

Before anyone begins to think this is the first paragraph of a Penthouse Letters submission (headed for the "Different Strokes" section, obviously), take a look at the resulting photo that appears on this page. We think you'll agree that Deatherage bears an uncanny, almost eerie resemblance to 'N Sync's Lance Bass. It's so close, in fact, that we wouldn't be surprised if Deatherage disappears for a few hours on Friday night, when 'N Sync performs at Reunion Arena. (On a side note: If you're wondering, possibly even concerned, about the frequent mentions of 'N Sync and their teen-pop brethren in this week's Dallas Observer, hey, we have to worry about our 17-year-old readers just like everyone else.)

You don't have to tell Deatherage about his strangely familiar mug; when we brought up the subject to him, he groaned and admitted that people come up to him in grocery stores all the time saying pretty much the same thing. It's a pretty sweet situation...if Deatherage were, you know, a sophomore in high school. As it stands, it's an amusing distraction, keeping his mind off the slow process of recording his first solo album. Deatherage has been working with Slowride's Dan Phillips in the studio that jockeys for space with the print shop Phillips owns and operates. The disc should be out later this year, but Deatherage doesn't look convinced when he says it.

Judging by the songs we've heard, Deatherage's solo debut should be worth the wait. You can hear for yourself every Wednesday at Deatherage's regular gig at Lakewood Bar & Grill. (Head to for more details, and lots of photos of Todd shaving.) Or, if we're right, you can check him out right after Sisqo' performs at Reunion Arena.