Critics' Picks

Love as Laughter

Love as Laughter's latest, Destination 2000, is exactly the sort of thing that makes a person get her Camaro off blocks and start smoking Marlboro Reds again, even though her closet is filled with purple boas and silver fun fur. Is it surprising that it comes from the progeny of Seattle's Sam Jayne, who, under the same name, gave us the self-indulgent indie-rock bedroom fuzz of The Greks Bring Gifts? Yes, but we are grateful, almost beyond words. It takes a lot for an intelligent, introspective songwriter to realize the dark corners of his basement are something less than exhilarating. Jayne has more than made up for it. Destination exceeds even 1998's hopeful #1 USA. It is what I had always wished of indie rock -- articulate, textural, but with a balls-out, unabashed lust for the things that make life fun: booze, babes, speeding. Remember how rock music is supposed to make you feel.

Silke Tudor