Tripping over new albums

If you attend one of Tripping Daisy's shows at the Curtain Club this weekend, you can be the first on your block to own the band's new album. As it did with 1996's odds-and-ends EP Time Capsule, the band will be pre-selling copies of its forthcoming follow-up to last year's Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb, due in a few weeks on its own Good Records, at the door. You won't receive the disc at the show -- you have to fill out a form and plunk down $10 -- but rest assured that the record will land in your mailbox before it is released in stores. And more than likely, just by going to one of the two shows, you'll be able to hear many of the songs that will appear on the disc, so don't worry if you can't afford to shell out 10 bucks on top of the Curtain Club's cover.

It seems that most of the bands playing with the Daisy during its two-night Curtain call will also be releasing new albums in the near future. The newly rechristened Jet will put out its third full-length on September 3 on Space Age Records. Captain Audio began recording its new EP last week at Last Beat Studio, set for release later this year on Last Beat Records. And Lewis' Patrick Keel-produced debut will hit stores in late August or early September, due out on the resurrected Deep Ellum Records, now owned and operated by Keel and Russell Hobbs. (I guess if you're a prophet, you can even bring a long-dead record label back to life.) Jet and Asphalt the Recorder open for Tripping Daisy on Friday, and Captain Audio and Lewis do the same on Saturday.