The wrath of God
In response to your article, "Classless act" [January 25], regarding the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's reassignment of gay journalist Todd Camp, I want you to know you are the classless act. But what did I--and everyone else--expect? The Observer is undoubtedly the worst pro-pot, pro-gay, and pro-Clinton rag in town.

It is one thing to print namby-pamby liberal propaganda, but quite another to ridicule Christians who are putting God's words into action. If you have any decency whatsoever, you will retract David Pasztor's article and issue an immediate apology to the American Family Association and to [Executive Editor] Debbie Price at the Star-Telegram for doing her job.

I can't wait until November to give your kind the boot from public office, especially those pretty boys in the White House!

Troy Felder

Touch that dial
You have to wonder if it was blind ambition or plain greed that moved Jeff Luchsinger to make the recent decision to ax the music from KERA-FM's daytime programming ["Stop the music," January 11]. It is clear in either case that neither Luchsinger nor the other board members considered the desires of their listeners. We never received a survey asking what our preference was, and yet we are paying members.

The reasoning behind the decision, which was reported in your article, is flawed. They stated that music listeners are fickle and reach for the button more often than talk-show listeners, but I know firsthand that most nine-to-fivers have a favorite station they turn on first thing in the morning and leave it there all day. In our office, we turned on 90.1 at 9 a.m. (after the talk) and left it on until 3 p.m. (when the drone began again).

The real question is this: Now that 90.1 has received hundreds, if not thousands, of calls requesting a return to the music format, will they listen, or are they completely indifferent to the sentiment of their membership? Maybe they wouldn't be if everyone requested a refund of their most recent pledge. Money talks, and it's sad to say that many of us just aren't listening anymore. Our ears are weary.

Teri Johnson

'Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola'
P.B. Miller's review of A Degree of Death! ["Dead serious," January 18] at Pegasus Theater makes me think of Arte Johnson's line from the old "Laugh-In" TV show: "Verrrry interesting, but stupid."

I have often pondered whether Miller was a he or a she. Does P.B. stand for "Pretty Boy" or "Pretty Butch"? The initials certainly betray no gender preference. But unlike Miller, I have no desire to publish details of my private ponderings in the pages of the Dallas Observer.

Perhaps the initials could stand for "Pretty Bored," which is evidently the way he or she felt while watching the show. How else to explain Miller's full-page exercise in intellectual masturbation being passed off as a review?

Having seen six of Pegasus' black-and-white shows, I can tell you with some authority that they are as innocent and good-natured as the old movies they are based on, and any hidden notions of perversion must exist solely in the twisted mind of the bored reviewer.

Maybe Miller thought he or she was being cute. Maybe Miller though he or she was being profound.

OK, presume for a moment that Miller is right and everybody is secretly gay. So what? Who cares?

I'm sure Miller's Queer Theory is interesting to somebody somewhere, but frankly, I expect better from the Observer. If you don't like the show, say so and say why. Otherwise, I suggest you keep your queer theories out of the press.

Robert McCloskey