Shiny Toy Guns

A lot of neo-goth/New Wave quartet Shiny Toy Guns' firepower comes from the group's two lead singers—one male (Chad Petree) and one female (Carah Faye Chadrow). Each boasts a powerful, angsty voice that well-matches the group's goth dance tendencies, which, at times, can product stellar results (see "Le Disko" off the band's 2006-released We Are Pilots).

Often taking the stage with razor-sharp haircuts and heavy makeup, the band does seem to have watched Tony Scott's 1983 film The Hunger one too many times, and their Cure/Bauhaus/David Bowie updates do sometimes come with a streak of post-Marilyn Manson electro-horror. But it still makes for one hell of an adrenaline rush.

Whether this style is maintained on the November-due follow-up to the band's major-label debut is still up in the air; so, too, is whether or not the band will put some of its newer material on display at this show. Although it'd be tough to imagine they won't.