Har Mar Superstar

Openly flouting the normally dependable rules of physics and the universe, the stocky, short-of-hair Minnesotan known as Har Mar Superstar has somehow transcended the indie-rock in-joke situation his first Kill Rock Stars disc virtually guaranteed; his current album, You Can Feel Me, arrives via a new Warner Bros. imprint called Record Collection, and he'll roll into town Friday night accompanying his new pal Kelly Osbourne, whose fame may not prove as indelible as her dad's but certainly eclipses godheadSilo's. What's even more improbable than Har Mar's sudden mainstream profile is that You Can Feel Me is actually worth hearing beyond its considerable check-this-dude-out factor: "Power Lunch," a zippy duet with Gossip front woman Beth Ditto featuring lots of grinding drum machines and sassy ululating, is totally what I wish more electroclash sounded like. Unfortunately, most of that precision gets lost in a self-aggrandizing blur of white cotton briefs when Har Mar climbs onstage, but see him now before the universe sets things right.