The Cramps and the Gore Gore Girls

Already seen Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses but still got a hankering for twisted trash-culture worship Antiques Roadshow's just not providing? You're in luck, my probably-makeup-wearing friend: Creepy garage-rock legends the Cramps turn up Thursday at Deep Ellum Live, and they're bringing Detroit's the Gore Gore Girls with them. Fiends of Dope Island is the Cramps' new one (their first since garage-rock began attracting folks besides trash-culture worshippers again), and if you told me I had to choose between describing the differences between it and the band's other records and sitting through House of 1000 Corpses 1,000 times, I'd have May scheduled already; it kicks off with a tune called "Big Black Witchcraft Rock" and climaxes with one named "She's Got Balls." If you've got balls, show up early for the Gore Gores, whose Up All Night (released last summer but just as relevant/irrelevant now) pairs grimy guitars and cardboard-box drums with a powder room's worth of indefatigable Motor City girl-group sass; their gnarly rendition of Little Eva's Goffin/King chestnut "Keep Your Hands off My Baby" is way more threatening than the Mooney Suzuki's being featured in a Nike commercial.