Various Artists

"Quick, dude, my hipster cousin and his girlfriend from Brooklyn are coming over to the house in, like, 10 minutes! Hide those Alice in Chains boots and find something cool to put on for when they get here!" You've been here before, right? We all have. (Well, not me personally, but I can imagine.) Luckily the gents who run Boston's Fenway Recordings have a lot of cool friends and an altruistic streak, so they've thrown together a handy mix CD perfect for those potentially embarrassing moments. Things start off auspiciously with New York's preeminent Clash devotees, Radio 4--they get so bored with the U.S.A., call London long-distance and make some killer combat rock. Fellow New Yorkers Rival Schools check in, too, demonstrating that Sunny Day Real Estate could've kept right on doing its thing had it not decided that Procol Harum was sorely missed. Mission of Burma bassist Clint Conley's excellent new outfit Consonant (with The New Year's Matt Kadane on drums), dazed Philadelphia space-rockers Eltro and ex-That Dog front woman Anna Waronker crop up and prop up lesser efforts from B-listers Longwave, Minuteman and the Inflatablemen, and Dallas faves the Deathray Davies even make an appearance, representing for hepcats without ocean views. Now that's what I call indie rock!