Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch Fever

Any press is good press: I would like to thank Zac Crain for the five kittens he gave The Filthy Skanks in his column the other week (Full Frontal, August 8). We haven't gotten that much pussy in quite some time.

Johnny T

The Filthy Skanks

Good to The Bone

Fan-friendly: From a devoted fan of great rock-and-roll radio, I want to thank you for a bottom-line, honest and excellent write-up of my favorite station ("I Wanna Rock!" August 8). What you wrote about The Bone's friendship with its fans is true. I make Bone events as often as I can and always have a good time! If you're a listener, you may have heard them mention "UPS Jimmy." I am one of their biggest fans. I sure hope this boat stays afloat for a long time. The way the station is handled, both on the front line and behind the scenes, I feel confident it will! Thanks again and...Bone on!

Jimmy Turano

Us normal guys: Where is the "normal" music listener supposed to go for new music? Think about it. Bruce Springsteen has a new album out; what radio station around here is playing his single? Wilco gets some decent spins on college radio. In my opinion, they put out one of the best albums this year. How is anyone who doesn't have the patience to listen to college radio going to hear anything from it? The Stones have a new one on the way; what about them? Bowie just put out his best album in years. Who's spinning the single? Is there some great radio station for "the rest of us" out there? Would you let me in on the secret?

Here is a short list of artists who come to mind who have just released albums or have new releases pending: Robert Plant, Black Crowes, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Beth Orton, Peter Gabriel, Norah Jones, Ben Harper. Who is going to play these records? These are just off the top of my head. Am I just out of touch? Am I getting too old? Maybe I should wait 10 to 15 years for these titles to be considered classic rock, so that I might hear them sandwiched between the Steve Miller Band and Bachman Turner Overdrive! It's no wonder that the Rolling Stones, Bowie and many others have ruined their good names by trying to emulate the "in" sounds. It used to piss me off; now I understand why they did it and some still do it. I actually kinda feel sorry for ZZ Top now.

I realize that I have not come up with some new groundbreaking complaint about the state of the music industry. I understand demographics, and I know that kids buy the majority of the music these days. Maybe the average person over age 25 would buy more music if they actually got to hear something they enjoyed. I, for one, am tired of having to choose between the geeks on NPR, the trash on shock-talk radio, the dorks on sports-talk radio, the tired sounds of classic rock and the disposable trash everywhere in between.

Geff Grimes

What a Rush: In the August 8 cover story "I Wanna Rock!" John Rody, when referring to The Bone's image liner, was quoted as saying, "They're so damn hungry and nervous about every quarter-hour that they just can't afford not to keep hammering it down. And I think that causes fatigue, and I think people get sick of hearing it."

John, what people get sick of hearing is 97.1 The Eagle playing the same damn song over and over for weeks, then discarding it like a piece of trash never to hear it again. I can almost tell you what song is playing on The Eagle before I even turn it on. That's no lie; I do it all the time. Try it yourself. When you get in the car and head for work tomorrow tell yourself...OK, The Eagle is playing Nickelback's "Too Bad." Switch it on and amaze yourself.

I don't know about other music fans in Dallas, but you can tell me "classic Texas rock that rocks" 10 million times a day--just give me that B-side Rush every now and then and I'm yours.

Bone Head

Bone to pick: I'm so glad The Bone is whipping KZPS. Clear Channel is "Crap Channel," as far as I'm concerned. I listen to The Bone quite a bit with one exception--Yvonne. She doesn't fit. She is negative and cynical, and her humor is a rip-off of a washed-up Howard Stern. Her numbers may be good for now, but it's only a fluke.


Eat Your Heart Out

Super market: Mark Stuertz's story "Tropic of Groceries" (August 8) was a fascinating read about the changing grocery business in Texas. Researching and writing such an in-depth article can be a real challenge, and I think Stuertz did an excellent job. The only disappointing part of the article is that no Central Market VIP indicated an interest in building one of these stores in another part of Texas. Too bad. We could use one in El Paso. It makes my mouth water just to think about it.

Leanne Hedrick
El Paso

Groceries sell: Four pages devoted to a grocery store opening? Is this the trade-out for dumping the sex ads?

J. Romig

Do the Perp Walk

Poor, poor Al Lipscomb: I had to simply tell you how much I enjoyed "Inquiring Minds" (August 1). I am so tired of having none of the crooks held accountable for their actions! I had read the stuff The Dallas Morning News had printed about poor, poor Al Lipscomb being mistreated...ack. So I was pleased to see someone besides me not understanding how he could have been a thief for so long and the local newspaper feel it was not a newsworthy item. Now I want to see someone address why no one from Enron has yet to be arrested, but the guys from WorldCom have already done the perp walk on national TV.

J. Richards