Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire

Something smells: I never expected to become a Laura Miller supporter in the race for Dallas' next mayor, but something smells in Dallas, and I believe it's Domingo "The Liar" Garcia ("Someone's Lying," January 31). Clearly he doesn't expect that we (the voters) are all so shallow as to believe an ex-investigative journalist and a lawyer husband are capable of such a ridiculous act as paying for Domingo's political endorsement.

Ruth Sherman

Machismo gone wrong: The actions of Domingo Garcia have been and continue to be disturbing. Let me put some things about myself out on the table. First, I am Mexican-American. Second, I am an active Latino voter who has participated in nearly every election since I turned 18. I had considered voting for Mr. Garcia in the recent election so that the Latino vote could show strong. I then intended to vote for Laura Miller if there had been a runoff. As I stood in the voting booth, I had a flashback to the 2000 presidential race and cast my vote for Ms. Miller.

Again, my only reason for even considering voting for Mr. Garcia was to show the strength of the Latino vote and some sort of allegiance to my raza. Never did I think that he represented my social values or political views.

Actually, he is a far cry from it. I was raised in very much a Mexican-American household. I was taught to be proud of where I came from and take advantage of what my grandmothers came to this country for. I was taught to have the utmost honor and loyalty to my familia. To have respeto for them, always. This included my padrinos (godparents), who are my parents' compadres. These are people my parents chose carefully, and it is considered an honor not to be taken lightly. Mr. Garcia showed us how easily he can shove that honor aside when it conflicts with his political ambitions (i.e. the state representative race of 1996). If Mr. Garcia can betray that trust, why should I trust him to work for me as my mayor, and why should I believe him now that he is making these outrageous claims about Ms. Miller? Does anyone really believe that she would offer to pay for Mr. Garcia's endorsement and expect that he would keep it a secret? If he turncoats against his familia, one can only imagine (or just pick up the local papers to see) what he would do to a rival.

So, when you hear that Mr. Garcia is carrying the Latino vote, please note: He does not carry this Latina's vote. I think the most educated move I can make is to vote for the candidate who will do right for all of Dallas.

There is one trait that Mr. Garcia exhibits that is unfortunately associated with and often permeates the Latino community. His apparent inability to respect a strong, independent woman is a perfect example of machismo.

C. Pearson

In painful detail: When I first read The Dallas Morning News' coverage of Domingo Garcia's accusations against Laura Miller allegedly having a staffer offer to cover his campaign expenses in return for his endorsement, I wondered why Tom Dunning actually doing what Miller was being attacked for by proxy didn't receive more mention. Jim Schutze's column about how the accusation came to be made explained it in painful detail.

My thanks to the Observer for making more of an attempt at balanced journalism than Dallas' Only Daily.

Bowie Hawkins
Via e-mail

Miller-obsessed: Well, at least it's not more about comic books. Jim Schutze shows that he might be getting over the Observer's obsession with Laura Miller. But in the same issue we see that Buzz is still carrying the torch. The first paragraph of this week's column states, correctly, that both mayoral candidates are Democrats. Fair enough. But the next nine paragraphs (out of 10) are exclusively about Laura Miller. Not one more word about Tom Dunning.

What is it with you people? If I wanted Miller-bashing, I'd be reading the Morning News, and I'll bet most of your readership would, too.

Philip Leven

Nothing's changed: Thank you, Jim Schutze, for providing clarity regarding current Dallas politics. Your columns about Laura Miller, Domingo Garcia, ethics and race relations have been as enlightening as Laura Miller's columns regarding Al Lipscomb, ethics and race relations several years ago. I guess some things haven't changed yet. However, I once again look forward to the Observer each week.

Alida Perkins

Show it to me: This mayoral race has been so personally nasty that it has become rather tedious. Mr. Dunning has not shown the voters anything beyond sound bites, video clips and carefully orchestrated advertising. I cannot tell you where Mr. Dunning stands on any issue because his campaign has been based on slinging mud and offal on a regular basis. Mr. Dunning has not told me how he will bring people together, how he will move the Southern sector into the 20th century economically or how he can and will change the city's services and infrastructure to handle the huge concerns of citizens throughout Dallas.

Mr. me what you've got! Where are your plans for any of the major economic issues facing Dallas? What are your plans to revitalize downtown? Can you vote on this or will you have to recuse yourself because of your large real estate holdings? What have you presented to leaders of the Southern sector of Dallas? I've not seen or heard a thing.

I'm confused, Mr. Dunning. How can you base your stewardship of a city upon such a weak foundation? I think I understand the reason why your campaign is so either don't have a plan or your stand on major issues is so weak that it won't stand the light and scrutiny of the "great unwashed."

Don't sell us short, Mr. Dunning. Debate Ms. Miller on the issues, show us your plan and vision and you might achieve your major goal as bring people together. Show us what you've got! Time's a wastin', Mr. Dunning.

Steve Miller